Deepening and reconnecting with its purpose and essence

Astrological Birth Chart Review


Review to be aware in a depth way the beliefs inherited from the maternal line (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.) and the paternal line (father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.). Beliefs that we absorb from the family system of origin, which we cling unconsciously, in a loyal and resilient way, and thus break the cycle of pain to transform it into strength and blessings. 

What is it? 

Astrological Birth Chart Reading brings many themes, many important information to consciousness, and we often need time to internalize or absorb this information. 

In the Review we will focus on issues important to you at this time, always bringing light to negative behaviors, the layers of protection that prevent you from truly being who you are, from familiar patterns that need to be honored for release to occur and creation of a new way. 

How is done?

Through Systemic Astrology (a vision that adds the concept of Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger) and with information of date, time and city of birth. 

Reading includes a visualization exercise of healing and balance or guidance through systemic tools and coaching. 

You will receive a download link of the conversation audio that will be recorded so that you can listen again when you wish. 

Why should you do it? 

If you have already started the journey of self-knowledge, but feel you need deepening and help to get deeper into the background to be ready for concrete changes. 

Practical information

Location: Online (skype, facetime, whatsapp) 

Duration: 1.5 hour 

Price:  70,00 euros 

Payment: Cash

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