Aligning and preparing for your monthly challenges and opportunities

Monthly Astrological Guidance


After identifying your behavior patterns, your gifts, talents, wounds, pains and all that you came to develop and achieve, how about receiving monthly information on which of these themes are being triggered?

What is it? 

The predictions do not tell us what will or will not happen. They tell us the themes of life that are being triggered and in what form: fluid, intense, or tense. 

How is done?

You will receive an audio containing the main transits and monthly forecasts with exercises/tasks on how to deal with the issues involved at the moment and at the end of the month you will have a meeting with me of 30 minutes for questions and preparation of the new month. This work is totally individualized and personalized so the amount of signatures is limited

Why should you do it? 

To prepare for these tensions, to open up to opportunities, to deal with your fears, to have a new positioning in the face of situations. 

Practical information

Service: Online  

Duration: 30 minutes + Audio with monthly information 

Price: 40,00 euros per month 

Payment: Via bank deposit until every 29th of each month. 

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