Reiki Practice


Rei means Universal and Ki Vital Energy.  Reiki is a process of meeting these two energies.  It consists of capturing on a special level of consciousness aligned with the practice of the principles of philosophy.

What is it?

It is much more than hands on. It is a philosophy of life where we practice daily five principles to bring awareness and transform behaviors and breathing exercises and meditations.

How is done?

In this service you will learn the five principles of daily Reiki practice, understand how this technique started, learn about the chakras and our energy points, and end with the healing technique of the heart, to transmute pain, grief into forgiveness and love.

Look at what irritates you, what bothers you, bring techniques and exercises to deal with anger, anxiety through gratitude, discipline, and love.

Why should you do it?

If you feel lost or stuck and are looking to access your strength and change your limiting behaviors, take on your dreams and desires, focus on your overall health, increase your leadership capacity, improve your conflict resolution ability, and thus find balance and satisfaction in all areas of your life. 

Reiki is energy of love and many people find it difficult to understand their greatness in our practical life, even those who have passed through Initiation.

This meeting is for you who never had contact with Reiki or for you who started but could not put into practice the learning and search for quality of life, lightness, and balance in your life.

* It is not a proposal for initiation in Reiki Level I, but an encounter with a practice of behavior awareness, connection with love for yourself and with the Universe, balance and centering.

Practical information

Location: Video Call

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 90,00 euros

Payment: Bank Transfer

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