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The first Systemic Workshop in Malta that unites Family Constellation and Astrology
Understanding Wounds and Healing the Inner Child

We all have emotional entanglements of our past that impact our lives in some way, affecting many areas such as relationships, career, health, prosperity and success, but often we are not aware of it. And behind each behavior there is an echo of our family background. Identifying our connection with this past leads us to cut the judgments and thus open our previously blocked paths.

We will look at aspects of our childhood, resignifying beliefs, to open a path of inner peace and acceptance of the purest part of our being: the child that inhabits us.

Each participant will be able to understand Chiron's position in on your own Astrological Birth Chart and what it reveals about central wounds, and will be invited to soft and deep experiences for the reunion with this child who inhabits them. 

Who is it for?

For those who are seeking to learn more about themselves. We will get in touch with wounds experienced in childhood so that we can resignify them, and thus, open a new look at all potential and opportunities, using Astrology and the Family Constellation as tools for identification and alignment of these themes.


Date: December 16, - from 10am to 7pm




60,00 euros 

Limited spaces!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I only participate for a period and then leave? 

It is recommended that the participant stay during the whole period, so that the group's egr├ęgora supports the work. Therefore, we suggest that you ensure your availability at the pre-determined time for the workshop.

2) Can everyone constellate a topic?

All participants will experience systemic exercises. Everyone, whether they constellate or not, receives much and undergoes intense and profound reflections and alignments. For this reason too, this group format no longer has inscriptions with different values between 'who constellates' and who only serves as 'representative', after all, everyone receives equally.

Other doubts?

Write to crisbrancom@gmail.com

What is Systemic Astrology?

The exact moment in which we are born, when we receive the gift of life, has a profound meaning. Through it, we identify the position of the planets and their arrangement in the zodiac, there marking our challenges and opportunities to be looked at on this journey.

Through Systemic Astrology, we find in the interpretation of these positions on the day of birth, records of our patterns and gifts from our ancestry, unconscious programs inherited from our family system that make us repeat histories, behaviors or symptoms.

What is the Inner Child?

We all have an inner child, a part of us that has been forgotten since the earliest days of childhood. All of us, in one way or another, recorded in childhood moments of pain that left marks and wounds. We grew up, we built our personality, but that child stayed there, forgotten, trapped in some corner of us, waiting for a ransom, waiting for his healing and deliverance. We have grown and developed strategies to support the pain experienced and to protect us from further relapses.

In our Birth Map, Chiron, in Astrology, symbolizes this area where we have central wounds, wounded in childhood, in our child. And it is also at this point that we have an excellent perception of how to heal others, but we do not necessarily know how to heal ourselves. Or we are often compelled to heal others as a way to heal ourselves.

Where it is found in our Birth Map, it can help us to understand and bring to the consciousness dormant talents because it indicates where we have an instinctive talent, we have ability but we do not realize it or we have unconscious fears that make us believe that we are vulnerable in that theme .

Chiron brings in the wound and healing, for as we experience our suffering and helplessness, we become more whole and healed, wiser, more human.

What is the Systemic Constellation? 

"Children rarely or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that function invisibly Family Constellations are a way of discovering bonds and family forces that have been charged unconsciously for several generations. "

It is an applied philosophy whose effects are often deeply therapeutic. The method was based on the findings of the German Bert Hellinger, who realized that in group work, placing people to represent family members or a social group of a client, who knew nothing of this client, moved and presented revealing reactions about the which was, in fact, happening in that family or social group. Thus, the Systemic Constellation, through the wisdom of the morphogenetic field, presents itself as a method capable of bringing to light the real blockages and movements essential for the resumption of the flow of love in relationships, family ties and consequently in our choices and decisions . 

Through awareness of the Laws of Love that work in family and social systems, as well as understanding the bonds of love and loyalty that unite us unconsciously, we can reposition ourselves and rescue the free flow of our lives. 


Valeria Branco -  Systemic Family Constellation. Through the Constellation I realized that the main paths of life are marked. If life is blocked it means that we have lessons that bind us to parents and the family past, which need to be seen, understood and integrated so that we can follow. As we integrate life flows free, prosperous and joyful, in balance with the orders of love, driven by greater force. The Orders of Love bring fluidity and color to our lives - valeriabranco40@gmail.com 

Cris Branco - Systemic Astrology, Coaching and Reiki. I use these tools that were instrumental in my process and life journey in my work. I believe we all have incredible potential and we are often unaware of it! We have come to learn to look back to our divine, unlimited essence, to this potential, to the love that we are! Astrologer by Gaia School of Astrology, Astro Brasil and orientation Sandra Perin. Master of Reiki from the Dublin Holistic Center Reiki in Ireland. Coach with IBC certification by the European Coaching Association and Global Community. Training in Behavioral Analysis Assessment and LEC Life, Executive and Career Coaching by RR Coaching: crisbrancom@gmail.com