A deep look at yourself

Paths of Awakening Program

A program developed for those who seek to know themselves better, who seek to access their pains in order to transform them, to touch their strength to reach their potential. It is a dive in itself, identifying and transforming layers that we bring and that lead us to repeat negative situations in our lives. To experience the reality of not only BEING but ACTING, performing, doing. 

What is it?

This program was developed with tools that I share with you, that helped me in this beautiful journey that is life. It is based on astrology but is not a training course for astrologers. You will receive the theoretical content related to your Birth Chart and practices that involve coaching techniques, meditations, visualizations, breaths, Reiki techniques, experiences, dynamics. 

It is a dip inside you, to look at all the areas and points of your life and adjust so that you can be aligned with your essence. 

When I could look at my wounds, shadows, pains, patterns and I understood my behavior, I was able to begin my path of liberation! Deliverance from all that you expect of me, from all that I expect of me ... I could simply BE and feel all the fluidity of the Universe, leading me and taking me to the place that my soul had already chosen for me. Today I share all this with you! 

The more  conscious we are, the more choices we will have. 

Knowing, understanding, accepting each part of you and your whole, seeking to adjust to life and improve, for a path of personal and spiritual evolution are some of the main goals made possible by the knowledge of Astrology that together with other tools enables us to trace paths, break patterns, improve self-esteem, gain self-confidence, plan, fulfill dreams, improve relationships, and previously challenging areas of life. 

Why should you do it?

If you feel in your heart that it is your time to bring to consciousness patterns that limit you, transform and change your life.

Practical information

Location: Video Call- Zoom - Whereby

Price: 50 euros

Duration: 1 hour 

Payment: Bank Transfer

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