The connection with the energy of Love

Reiki Training 

Level I, II, III 
Reiki is beyond a practice, a philosophy that leads us to reminisce about the Being that we really are: Love. Formation takes place from the history of Mikao Usui (idealizer of Philosophy), practical exercises for knowledge of the manifestation of energy, understanding of the energetic state (chakras, subtle bodies), practices of application and self-application, meditation and breathing techniques. 


Reiki before a Hand Imposition technique is a complete and wonderful Philosophy of Life. It is an energetic manifestation that leads us to walk a path of self-knowledge first of all, respecting our time and our individual "evolving". 

How is done?

Our journey goes through the real story of Mikao Usui (the founder of Philosophy) and the people who have succeeded in bringing Reiki to our daily life, practical exercises to know the manifestation of energy, understanding the energetic state of our chakras and subtle bodies, and, finally, application practices and self-application that we will make in the classroom. All this accompanied by moments of Meditation and Breathing. 

The days of intervals that we will have between classes are important to put into practice what was seen in class. 

These practices will be administered by email and a WhatsApp group so we can share our experiences and ask questions related to the week's workouts. 

The course was built through experiences in different Schools and different Masters, in the experiences of our daily life and in Reiki care. 

We also accompany the Initiates in the 21 days of cleaning counted from the day that becomes Reiki Practitioner and support are given through email or in face-to-face and individual assistance if necessary. At the end of the course we will have the class for feedback and knowledge of the various techniques, practices and possibilities of using Reiki.

What do you learn?

During the course of Reiki level 1 are given the notions of what is Reiki and its history, the five principles of Reiki, notions of Chakras and energy body, self-treatment and treatment of others, traditional Reiki techniques. We work the meditation, the principles for personal development and physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance. In Shoden, the course of the philosophy of life of Reiki begins. 

Learning, daily practice of the five principles. Students are always encouraged to change their standards of consciousness through the reflection and practice of the Gokai. 

In Shoden, Reiki level I,  The Awaress, learns, firstly, to perform the self-treatment and only after the treatment to others in the fast and complete forms. 

In Okuden, Reiki level II,  The Transformation, is profound, we work the mental and emotional fields, learn to deal with past issues that still interfere with the present and deepen self-awareness. One also learns to send Reiki from a distance and develops the therapeutic perspective of taking care of the other, approaching the emotional and mental perspectives.

In Shinpiden, Reiki Level III, The Realization, is the realization where you become a Reiki Master, learns how to teach Reiki Courses. It is the level where the knowledge is passed so that a practitioner can perform attunements and teach other practitioners at all levels.


24 hours distributed in 4 days 


- Energy, Energy Therapies, History of Reiki, What is Reiki, Principles, levels, attunement, symbols, Energy Systems, Fields, Chakras, Initiation Level I, Ethics, Responsibility and Procedures for a Session, Self-Apply,  Positions, Practice, Dynamics and Meditations 


14 hours distributed in 2 days 


- Reiki Level I Review, The three symbols: Physical, Emotional / Mental and Distance, Techniques for applying symbols, Level II Initiation, Practice, Special Settings, Emotional conflicts and the body Working the Chakras, Review of Ethics, Anamnesis and Attendance, Meditations and Dynamics 


8 hours in 1 day 

Program: - Review Level I and II, Tuning and Symbols, Methodology, Practices and Initiation 


Certificate of completion provided at the end of the course Differentials Practices, dynamics, complete theoretical content, quality teaching material and in-depth. 

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