A Proposal for You!


Some people were asking me for pointers or tips on how to deal with some of the themes we covered on the map. I felt it was a time to work out some options together.

I set up two programs for different purposes. One facing the field of action and another facing the field of reflection.

So if you are in a moment of expansion or a moment of recollection, we can, if it makes sense, work together!

Here are the options:

Steps to Goals & Desires Program

- Three meetings of 1 hour each

- Working: Fears, Wounds, Gifts, Patterns of behavior, Objectives, Desires, Plan of Action.

We all have in us two great powers: our ability to begin, take the first step, and our ability to continue, evolve, and commit to what is important.

For many times we are aware of this but we do not know how to take this step and what direction to take.

In a first meeting we will review your map and establish goals, goals and a plan of action (Saturn).

In the second encounter we will look at his wounded child, his pains, fears and insecurities (Chiron).

In the third meeting we will work on your negative behavior patterns to be in line with your true purpose: Be You, Be Happy! (Karma & Dharma).

Program Connecting with Your Love Energy

- Three meetings of 1 hour each

- Working: Irritation, Anger, Anxiety, Gratitude, Honesty and Compassion through Exercises, Breathing, Meditation and Chakra Balancing.

When I first met Reiki, I finally found what I was looking for: A philosophy that showed me a way of awakening to the consciousness of who I am. Seeking to access love for me so that, happy and present, I could transmit this love to others. A path of spirituality!

Far beyond a technique of laying hands, Reiki is an energetic manifestation that leads us to tread self-knowledge respecting our time and our individual "evolve".

King means Universal and Ki Vital Energy. Reiki is a process of meeting these two energies. It consists of capturing on a special level of consciousness aligned with the practice of the principles of philosophy.

In a first encounter we will identify behaviors and work and breathing and meditation exercises.

In the second meeting we will talk about the chakras and how to balance them.

In the third encounter we will practice the connection with the energy of Love.

This is not a proposal for Initiation in Reiki, but rather a meeting with a practice of behavior awareness, connection with love for oneself and with the Universe, balance and focus.