Are you ready to LOVE?


What barriers did you build against love? 

"Your task is not to seek love, but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Rumi Are you ready to look at what limits you? 

Many archetypes, positions, and aspects can be analyzed to identify our challenges in relationships. Among them: Moon (how we deal with our emotional life), Lilith (our shadows), Venus (how we deal with pleasures of life, with love, affectivity), Lunar Nodes (patterns and path of evolution), Chiron childhood wounds) and many others.

As long as we are not aware of our challenges, fears, beliefs, and patterns we will seek relationships with people who contain the best and the worst of our parents or who was part of our past because, deep down, we hope that we can repair and erase that which has caused us the blockages and repressions we carry within us to this day. We put in our lives people who can give us this chance to repair.

What we're going to see in the other person is precisely what nudges our most open wound. If we are not aware that this is an opportunity to see the source of our blockages in order to understand and accept them, we are going to be hurt and suffer in every relationship, over and over again.

In order to break free from this circle, we must identify our dissatisfaction, anguish, and the desire for the negative, and understand that relationships will drive just that negative part that we must work on.

Across the stages of life, in a moment that I thought I had already looked at everything (hehehe - mere presumption), I became aware of another blockade that made me so much suffer. I looked with respect for what I was doing and understood with love, acceptance. Only then, things began to flow!

And it was never the other! The answer really is always INSIDE US. Certainly, it was most obvious to blame the other: "he is not ready, he has issues unresolved, he does not act as I expect, he hurts me." But it was okay to make a little move to realize that the whole situation has changed! It was never "him". I was not ready yet, I still had issues badly resolved and I acted in a way that hurt me.

It's not easy to admit it. Working with self-knowledge, having so many incredible tools at hand, and I caught myself blaming the other. Putting me in the victim's shoes. Life really is a school, where we are learning all the time to observe and welcome our feelings.

It was more opportunity of the Universe showing me that we are stoned and taking away the veils that cover our vision of who we are, all the time.

I looked at myself! And I looked not only internally! I looked in the mirror! I saw myself! And I was there, waiting to be seen! By me!!!

Try to LOOK. Look at your mirror now and see the wonderful being that you are !!! And believe me !!!

When we are together with people, we produce innumerable reactions within us. The best and the worst of us comes to the surface. It is our opportunity to know who we really are and choose to transform ourselves.

To transform the patterns that keep us from loving, from the barriers that we construct consciously or unconsciously against love.

The breaking of our limiting beliefs and patterns is directly connected with our becoming aware.

Consciousness allows us to take the reins of the situation and live the reality that we desire in the most intimate of our being.

What is stopping you from BEING today? What barriers did you build against love?

I invite you to look at this on your Birth Map when you feel in your heart that it is your time to bring to consciousness patterns that limit you

"It must be just like a quality of yours - wherever you are, or even if you are alone, love is still overflowing with you.It is not a matter of loving someone - it is a matter of BEING love. " Osho

"I choose to give love because I am open to receiving love and so I am reminded of who I AM - LOVE." Miracle Choice