Detachment and Our Power of Transformation


Has it ever happened to you? Suddenly a hurricane comes and throws it all up, sides, out ... And everything you believed seems to trickle down your fingers, holding your hope together.

The feeling is to have fallen from a 12-story building. Everything hurts!!! And it hurts too much !!! As if someone had taken our lives from us for no apparent reason and had forgotten to take what was left!

This may be a Pluto transit! Always pretty devastating, but after the storm brings the lull! It destroys, but it transforms what touched into something superior, much better.

The meaning of it in our Birth Map is linked to transformation. The house that Pluto occupies reveals an area in which we live situations of Power struggles and also an area subject to undergo many transformations. Pluto shows where we can rise above, dying for what is inferior and reborn in a new way.

It is related to losses and painful transformations that have created a "void" that has never been filled in our family system, such as abortions, unaccepted deaths, unresolved grievances, causing subsequent generations to have difficulty in surviving in a healthy and guilt-free life or self-destructive behaviors.

You never know the strength you have until you need to be strong " 

Pluto is the transforming power represented by the Phoenix and, as we face it, we can exorcise the ghosts that afflict us and obtain healing.

Pluto gives us a chance to go beyond what we can see by deeply investigating any situation beyond appearances!

Do you know who you are? 

This will be the first question that a relevant presence of Pluto on our Map will compel us to do, either through the angles or in tense contact with the personal planets.

Pluto's position in NATAL MAP reveals in what area of ​​life we ​​are struggling to get rid of an old desire or model of behavior, and where the results of this overtaking impulse are often the creators of anguish and suffering.

Pluto symbolizes a kind of power that can only be used creatively and positively when its use is, to the extent necessary, spiritually oriented, since evolution and spiritual healing in depth are the only areas of experience in which Pluto's forces can be used without negative direction.

Lord of darkness, Pluto knows our shadow, that part of ours that we hide even from ourselves.

Pluto IN TRANSIT goes and touches just where we are weaker, to drop those masks that we put socially and that, by using so much, we end up believing in them.

We are strong, powerful, unbeatable and analyzed, until Pluto puts it all into question.

A lot comes up, sometimes more than it is manageable to manage. Pluto brings forth, but leaves the garbage in the open for decanting and elaboration.

They are two key words in the transits of Pluto: transformation and detachment, "leaving behind." Pluto deals with the real, the essential, the true. So one of the most difficult questions your traffic imposes on us is: without what you can live? "

Throughout our lives, we build our security and stability over connections, affections, situations, possessions, which are often artificial, fragile, and false. As we travel, Pluto approaches us and asks us what we really need to recognize ourselves as people.

In this process another thing arises, another personality, another person. If we give up what is not true, the process is easier. If we cling to each other, perhaps what we considered to be fundamental will be plucked from us without mercy and pity, and we will be forced to find a way to live without it.

True, initially all this is very scary. But once we open the closet door and bring the monster into the light, after the proper battle to understand what it is about, we become incredibly strong and fit for a prosperous life. Yes, because Pluto rules the underground and, as such, the minerals.

Therefore, it also represents riches, not only subjective but also material. Thus an important and elaborate transit of Pluto, in which detachment was conquered and enlightenment itself was put in its way, usually brings a prosperous future in the material and financial spheres. When we discover what we really need to live, it gives us all the superfluity we no longer need. Because, after all, your goal has never been to leave us miserable, emotionally or materially. Its purpose has always been that we should learn to differentiate the important from the superfluous so that, once we are masters of ourselves, we are able to conquer the world


Phase 1) Denial

It would be a psychic defense that makes you deny the problem, try to find some way of not getting in touch with reality whether it is the death of a loved one or the loss of a job. It is also common not to want to talk about it.

Phase 2) Anger

In this phase is the revolt with the world, feels wronged and does not conform to be going through it.

Phase 3) Bargaining

This is a phase that begins to negotiate, starting with himself, ends up meaning that he will be a better person if he comes out of that situation, makes promises to God. It's like the speech "I will be a better person, I will be kinder and personable with people, I will have a healthy life."

Phase 4) Depression

Already at this stage is the withdrawal to his inner world, isolating himself, melancholic and feeling helpless in the face of the situation.

Phase 5) Acceptance

It is the stage where you do not despair and can see reality as it really is, being ready to face loss or death.

It is important to clarify that there is no sequence of stages of loss, but it is common for people who go through this process to have at least two of these stages. And not necessarily people can go through this complete process some stagnate in one of the phases, it is important to be aware that this does not happen.

It is important to allow yourself to live your experience. For example, when you feel depressed or distressed, try to see where in your body you feel physical changes. Is it in the throat area? In the chest? On the neck In the stomach? Feel and watch your troubles. Stay temporarily with your pain, anguish or anxiety. Then accept it. Then focus your attention on learning to deal with your feelings and thoughts, regulating them, until they can diminish or become extinct.

Be clear that we are not our feelings or thoughts, so they must be filtered through our consciousness so that we do not judge that we are everything we feel or think.

- When our mind produces thoughts that are distressing to us, at first we should only observe them. We need not add anything to these thoughts or judge them, just let them come out and pass through our minds.



Realize: your big break has come !! It's your big time !!  it's time to start the way to shine and transform !!! What hurts so much can become your greatest strength!  Leave behind all the beliefs that no longer serve you, all the prejudices and judgments that limit you, "tidy up the house," clean, take away old habits.

Sometimes the Universe places us in uncomfortable places so we can see where our true place is!

- Look for a quiet place where you feel at peace. Allow yourself to recall moments of your life from childhood in which you went through challenging, difficult processes and had to be strong to overcome them. Put next to each episode how you managed to overcome. Breathe deeply and thank yourself for all your Inner Strength.


Look for things you enjoy and bring you joy, joy and happiness.