Have you stopped to think about what are the forces that make you live the way you have lived until today?


The exact moment in which we are born, when we receive the gift of life, has a profound meaning. Through it, we identify the position of the planets and their arrangement in the zodiac, marking our challenges and opportunities to be looked at on this journey. 

Through Systemic Astrology, we find in the interpretation of these positions on the day of birth, records of our patterns and gifts from our ancestry, unconscious programs inherited from our family system that make us repeat histories, behaviors or symptoms. 

It is the emotional entanglements that have stayed in the past and that impact our lives in some way affecting many areas such as relationships, career, health, prosperity, success. 

Behind behaviors, symptoms, professional choices, affective relationships, relationship with money and so many other ways of acting and expressing ourselves, there is the echo of the family past. 

The father function (Sun) is the one that generates life and causes us to launch into life. It represents the ability to conquer, create and undertake. The mother function (Moon) is what sustains and sustains life. It represents the ability to be in life, the position in which we place ourselves in it and our degree of self-permission to enjoy the goods of life.

If we understand these functions and harmonize with them, we are ready to live the essence, for the happiness of living the life we ​​receive.

Let's go together?