How about accessing the answers that are already inside you?


I'm here to tell you two things: the first is for you to know, that in addition to reading astrological map, I also do individual coaching and astrological work for challenges that you may be experiencing at the moment. The second is to tell you that from February 2018 I will be immersing myself in a online project, to put in the format of courses the "Paths of Awakening" - program that I realized in the form of Workshops and Individual Sessions in Brazil. Therefore, for this year I will make available the last sessions still in the individual format. There will be only 10 places!

I invite you to look at you on your Birth Map, feel in your heart that it is your time to bring to consciousness patterns that limit you.

This program is a dive inside of you, to look at all the areas and points of your life and adjust so that you can be aligned with your TRUE SELF.

We will work deeply on your birth chart and you can choose which planets to work, and in what order.

For example:

Mercury is the planet that governs Communication, Expression, How we organize the Ideas and place them in the world.

In a session I will explain the meaning of this planet in Astrology, Mythology and Astronomy. Also the meaning of it in your map, in the sign and in the house and what it represents in your life - how you are communicating, what challenges you have in communication and expression, how best to communicate to you. From there, you will receive a ebook with weekly exercises related to your communication and in a second meeting through a coaching exercise we will reevaluate the results and with lovingness take a step to align your communication. To fulfill your exercise in this area. 

Take a look at the topics that we can deepen:

Who I Am, Identity, Mission and Purpose

Emotional life as read with my emotions


Self-image, body, relationship with the world

Communication and expression, what I communicate and what I want to communicate

Financial and loving life, pleasures and well-being

Action, goals and objectives

Beliefs and Opportunities

Fears, lessons and learning overcome through planning

Connection with spirituality

Necessary changes and breaking of standards

Transformations through detachment, inner strength and losses

Talents and gifts x childhood wounds, inner child

Repetition of family behavior pattern and path of evolution

Shadows x empowerment

Where we came from - family structure - and where we should be - legacy, career, professional life and talents.

Joy and the way of happiness

You will look at how you express yourself, develop yourself, what your memories say about you, what you are searching for behind your life goals, resignify your pains, touch your talents, find your mission and purpose.

The more we know less more we become our own. The more conscious we are, the more choices we will have.

Knowing, understanding, accepting each part of you and your whole, seeking to adjust to life and improve, for a path of personal and spiritual evolution are some of the main goals made possible by the knowledge of Astrology that together with other tools enables us to trace paths, break patterns, improve self-esteem, gain self-confidence, plan, fulfill dreams, improve relationships, and previously challenging areas of life.

What do you think?
Ready to change your life?