How about knowing your Potential Astrological Energy?


In Systemic Astrology we can look at the information we bring from our family system. The family history of father and mother are represented on the astrological map. We can identify what we have of unconscious, allow us to get in touch with these feelings and use this amazing tenology to co-create our life, our history! We all have THE ASTROLOGICAL POTENTIAL ENERGY, which is all positive to be achieved, all stoning, all the exercises completed to reach our essence.

Science has already proven, through quantum physics, that we are all connected through our vibration. Scientific experiments have shown that our DNA changes with the frequencies produced by our feelings, that is, vibrations. This illustrates a new form of energy that connects all creation. This powerful energy seems to be a closely woven network connecting ALL matter and, at the same time, we can essentially influence this web of creation through our VIBRATIONS. Experiments have also proven that the higher energy frequencies, which are those of Love, impact the environment in a material way, producing transformations not only in our DNA, but in the environment that surrounds us. This has a profound meaning: we possess far more power than we imagine. We have all heard of this "power" we have.

Gregg Braden believes that there is an accessible energy field and that our DNA communicates with the photons through this field. The key to achieving a result, among the many possible already existing, lies in our ability to feel that our choice has already been made and is already happening. From this perspective, the request based on feelings, stops being "something to get" and becomes "access" the desired result, which is already created. In this way, the future is not deterministically established, but it can also be altered.

All this, deep down, leads us to the conclusion that there is a deep connection between our collective thoughts, our feelings, our expectations and external reality.

The key has always been to FEEL! Even our pains can only be effectively healed if we allow ourselves to feel them! For Braden, in the extremes there are only two emotions: love and its lack, often identified as fear. So if you are not in Love, you are in fear. And fear always attracts what is feared.

This is also what the book "A Course in Miracles" showed us and also the incredible "Miracle Choice" tool created by James Kelly. We all have LOVE and FEAR Choices all the time.

Feeling is the union of thought and emotion, in fact, to experience a feeling, we need to have an idea and an emotion. So feeling "is the key to prayer, because creation responds to the world of human feeling."

The miracle happens when we choose a thought of love and create the feeling of love. We unite or 2 in 1!

The highest energy frequency is LOVE. The more love we let flow through our bodies, the more adapted we will be to face what may happen in our lives.

Bert Hellinger, says that what happens in our lives today depends on what happened before, memory is inherent in nature. It is transmitted by a process called morphic resonance, which acts in fields called the Morphic Fields. In these fields, the entire memory of our family network is contained and it acts on those who are part of it. In this way, events from other eras can influence our life today. Just as we have our own unconscious, our family system has the morphic field, which has information that traverses the life of all those who belong, emotions and thoughts brought together by our DNA through our family system.

In recognizing the existence of this field that operates in our lives, Hellinger discovered some laws that govern the family system and the fields. Family camps function by respecting these laws, and when any of them are broken, difficulties and weights in family history arise.

For example, if an abortion happens and there is an exclusion from this event and that unborn child, someone in the system will somehow connect that information (unconscious feeling) and live situations of exclusion in some area of ​​life in honor of that child excluded, so that it has a place and is seen, but of course an unconscious form. Sometimes through career dissatisfaction or frustration in loving relationships, for example.

And all this information is at our disposal in many ways. We are vibrating these feelings and repeating familiar stories.

According to Hellinger, it is a movement of love to the system that gave us origin. For a distorted love, we do things to make up for mistakes, bad choices, losses, unresolved grievances, and, above all, exclusion of family members who have gone back generations.

Once you become aware of yourself and experience the emotional load of these destinies, you open the path to healing.

So, normally, what do we usually do daily when we face our challenges? What are we vibrating?

"I want a happy relationship" "But in my unconscious I can not have this relationship for some systemic reason."

Universe response:

I let you WANT a happy relationship

I believe from personal experience that before vibrating or praying or asking for the right first step, it would be to identify and FEEL, TO CONTINUE what is keeping you from having harmonious relationships, sharing in balance, for example. Worked this, you are ready to make the request:

Prayer According to Gregg Braden and Louise Hay:

First step is to feel what you want to see manifested

In this case, you never ask, because when you enter the "order" state you are sending "missing" "I do not have"

It's okay to feel the desire

If you want love ... Feel love !!

I am a loving person, so the universe responds with more love ...

Practice love, give gifts, give affection, feel love in your life !!

I want to be ... a loving person. In that case you're saying it's not ... so that's what you get back ...

How to Feel the Purpose Done

"Everything you can imagine, you can accomplish"

Feel that it is already real ... do not have in mind "lack" ... even if you do not see with your physical eyes, it is already real "feel this ..."

Feel good to thank ...

Thank the universe

So you connect with love, with feeling of gratitude and you will always have more reason to thank!

As Gregg Braden said, you need to align your thinking, with emotions and with your actions, so you will be prosperous on all sides of life, whether in love, health, abundance

But what does Astrology have to do with it?

We can identify the karma, the lineage that we unconsciously follow, the childhood wounds and the repetitions of pains and fears, the losses or unworked mourning, the exclusions and we have through our astrological mandala the vision of our total potential.

We can identify what we have of unconscious, allow us to get in touch with these feelings and use this amazing tenology to co-create our life, our history !!!

We all have THE ASTROLOGICAL POTENTIAL ENERGY, which is all positive to be achieved, all stoning, all the exercises completed to reach our essence.

Let's work together on the union of thought + emotion to access your potential energy?  After the complete reading we will schedule an ASTROLOGY session to unite awareness + emotion and really feel yourself experiencing the wonderful BEING YOU ARE NOW !!!

Potential Astrological Energy Session

Duration: 1 hour

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