It's time to Change!


Are you in your truth? What needs to change in your life so that you are in your truth? What changes are necessary and immediate?

Today I want to invite you to look at the necessary changes in your life!

I believe we only go with each other as far as we went with ourselves ... so ... a little bit of my story with Uranus, the one that represents the change to meet our truth!

My first training was Tourism and for some years I worked with exchange programmes, I had a travel agency. I went through very challenging periods of anxieties, worries,  and devoted body and soul. Work was my life!

One day things started to get worse and suddenly, ... it was over ... I lost everything ... I lost the ground, I lost the business that I had believed so much and dedicated myself so much ... I felt that I lost not only the financial but it seemed like part of my soul had broken too.

As a good Sagittarian, before going deep into a depressive state, I resolved to change, to leave and to start again in another place, another country. Maybe I was just running away or maybe the Universe was already pushing me to where I was supposed to be.

I went to Ireland for this fresh start. What a wonderful country, beautiful people and energy! The beginning was extremely difficult, but it was a great milestone, of discoveries, changes and learning! A real watershed in my life!

It was in Dublin that I met Reiki and then I met that beautiful philosophy and fell in love with it. There the personal and professional change that I internally searched for all my life happened. There, I decided that I would work with self-knowledge! There I came to my great treasure!

It was the first step to this journey that led me to Astrology, Coaching and all the incredible people I met !!!

Uranus was touching my career and tugging on my identity, mission, and purpose. At the end of this transit the Universe had placed me on the path that my soul had chosen for me !!! Your Transits trigger changes and ruptures for mental openness and thus, lead us to growth and freedom!

Uranus is the ruling planet of the higher mental, of everything that is innovative !! It represents the God of the primordial forces of creation, therefore without father or mother. Being a primordial force, Uranus can not be contained. Its force is felt as a shock (electricity is Uranian).

In their transits, we do not have to run or expect to be ready for these changes. Small steps can already bring great results. The most important thing is to make some movement, is to move things, is to face the truths and take responsibility.

Where Uranus plays should be only what has structure, which is real. Which makes sense. Where you have love, where you have will, where you have honesty.

Lets go? Ready to move?

Here are some tips to trigger your creative potential, your hidden treasure that brings you to your truth!


BATHROOM - Take a shower. There is something strangely conducive to the bath, since we all had that brilliant idea while we were in the shower (but we ended up forgetting while looking for pen and paper). If you're stuck with an idea, go to the shower, grab a paper and a pen and see what happens. A sister-friend (Carol) told me that the warm bath is like a hug. And in the embraces we always surrender and we are open to our truth!


Get out for a walk. Like bathing, there is something about walking that encourages creativity. Whether it's hiking as the beginning of your creative project, or as part of the project itself, walking will help you to make your creativity flow. Steve Jobs used to have hiking meetings to generate ideas. Create a psychological distance between your normal routine and the time of creativity. The writer Toni Morrison always watched the sunrise every morning before she began to write. She felt that this helped her access her creativity.

DO SOMETHING REALLY DELIGHTFUL - forget the idea of ​​being better at what you do, do something simply because you love to do it, be it professional or personal. Whether it's riding a bicycle, painting, writing, drawing, dancing, creating, talking, acting, singing, working, cleaning. No matter what it is, do something that brings you joy!

CHANGE YOUR EXPRESSION - Avoid saying things to yourself during this phase that will stifle your creativity rather than encourage it. Police yourself when you say, "This will not work," "I've done it like this before and it did not work," "I can not solve this problem," "I do not have enough time.

THINK BACK FORWARD - Sometimes you need to focus on the solution first, and make the reverse process from it.

AGREEED DREAM - Give yourself time to daydream. Turn off your computer, TV, and your cell phone.

BE A FRIEND OF YOUR FEAR - Fear is what retracts creativity. He is what makes you stay in the ways you know best. When you consider the worst case, you not only plan for it, but you can also convince yourself that this case is not so bad to the point that you do not want to try it.

BRINK - Make a game where you have to create new or different ways to use various objects in your house. This will teach you to look at items and situations with an unusual look. For example: make a table with books, use objects to create something different and in different functions.

COME OUT OF COMFORT ZONE - Doing new things, especially things that you have not planned helps you deal better with the new situations. It also helps open your mind and introduce you to new ideas and situations that can help you create new or unusual ideas.

Be willing to explore things that are outside your comfort zone, because remember: if you do not leave Uranus throw you away from there !!!