New Astrological Year!


Equinox and sunrise in the sign of Aries marking the opening of a new cycle coming full of opportunities, expansion of consciousness and inner healing! As regent of the cycle over 36 years, we have Saturn in Capricorn looking at us, questioning us: what do you need to commit to? Are you in your purpose?

As the regent of the annual cycle, Jupiter asks you: which beliefs create your reality? Are you ready to expand your awareness?

Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio, really a cycle to develop AUTO RESPONSIBILITY and important content being brought to our CONSCIOUSNESS, giving us a tremendous opportunity for TRANSFORMATION. Together, they symbolize the exercise of commitment, responsibility , practical sense linked to solar consciousness, expansion and growth.

Review your structures, what brings you to base, look at your goals, understand that it is fundamental to have discipline this year. And discipline happens when you listen to what your soul has chosen for you, so listen to your soul, open yourself to the new!

We also have Chiron in conjunction with the Sun, marking a cycle of much inner healing. Connect with your inner child, resignify pains, seek knowledge, look at who you are, honor your story, take ownership of your life. Reconnect with spirituality, with nature, with breathing.

And speaking of RECOGNIZING, there is something new here !!!

A beautiful partnership, already in progress, takes form and structure, grows, expands!

The meeting of our souls provided the union of our works of Astrology with Phytoenergetics, Tarot, Reiki and Thetahealing!

And sse video below below tells you a little bit about how our partnership works - Cris Lemos - and Cris Branco:

How about marrying your map reading with these new services designed for you?

⭐ Oracle of Spiritual Agreements 

Spiritual Agreements are our "combined" for this experience on Earth. When we feel empty, unhappy, and find no meaning in things, they are signs that we are not fulfilling our Spiritual Agreements. The Oracle is a tool that helps you go beyond and decode the agreements that are being triggered now.

⭐ Therapeutic Tarot + Thetahealing

The Tarot is a tool of self-knowledge and reflection that helps you look at the patterns of thoughts and feelings behind the challenging situations you have experienced. The Thetahealing is an energy healing technique that simply identifies and transforms limiting beliefs into positive patterns.

We wait for you!