Partners in the Journey of Self-Awareness!


Today I came to share with you, people who helped me in my processes of self-knowledge, with incredible tools!

They are some friends, partners that through synchronicity have made and are part of my story! I believe this list is much bigger but hopefully with it, it can help you find a flashlight for your way, as I found it!

In my last video I talked about Vertex - encounters that transform Astrology. People we meet and who teach us or help us on some theme of our life.

Feel it in your heart and if it makes sense to connect with one of these wonderful professionals!

This way of knowing ourselves is beautiful and only takes us back to our true and true essence: LOVE!


Ursula Maria Bell

Working with the connection between the head and the heart, the brain and the soul and witnessing the positive changes and transformations in my clients is the best recompense I can get. I personally believe that the constellation work is one of the big peace building methods we have in our times and that we are still not aware of its whole potential.

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