Resign and plan 2018


How about mapping your achievements and challenges to plan the new year? End of the year approaching! Moment to look at the steps given to be aligned to the new cycle!

I stopped this week to reflect on what I was looking for, where I repeated behaviors, how I related to my family, my work, friends, loved ones, affective life throughout this year of 2017!

What in me needed and was transformed? What can I say?

I realized that I often fell into standards that I thought I had healed, that I had many unthinking attitudes, that I did not love myself enough in many moments, that I doubted myself, that I procrastinated, but I could also recognize that I was brave, challenges that I valued and shared a lot of love with my family and friends, that I opened myself to new people to enter my heart, and that certainly faced many fears.

And here I am! Beginning of November, end of a year with so much history to tell!

So I could resignify situations and behaviors, align and look for what I want next year. I'm ready for my new cycle!

It is very important that we can look at the steps we take, review our behaviors, situations that we face so that we can punctuate everything that is not aligned with our essence.

Today is always the ideal day to start over and choose love instead of fear, anger, irritation.

Astrology helps us understand moments that we have crossed and that we still need to cross. It brings us to consciousness of what we need to transform.

How about reviewing to plan & transform in 2018?

November is an excellent time to prepare for a new year as it marks the 30 day period to close the annual cycle of our calendar.

Let's go together? Coaching & Astrology in a meeting for cycle closure and new opening.