Taking care of your body with love!


How do you see your body? How do you take care of him? The physical body is our temple, it is the sanctuary that keeps our soul. It is our business card, our filter, how we see the exterior and how we express who we are.

In Astrology the Ascendant reveals the path we choose to unfold, so that what we are will find, mold, grow and renew.

It indicates the sign that ascended on the horizon at the time of our birth. It marks the moment when the cosmic energy enters our body through the first breath, so it is only possible to identify the Ascendant by the exact time of birth.

The moment of birth is a magical and powerful moment. It marks the beginning of life in society, when the child breathes alone, the first thing we see. That is why the Ascendant is how we are going to manifest, our body, our social identity.

Of course, planets in the house where the Ascendant (First House) is located directly affect this theme.

Think of Ascendant in Astrology as representing our car (the Solar sign, our essence, would be the driver and our memories and emotions would be represented by the Moon).

Do you want to know more about this image of yourself?

How about we reflect together?

What does your body mean to you?

How do you relate to your body?

What does your body teach you?

How does your body move?

And how does this movement affect your well-being?

How do you feed your body? And how would you like to feed it?

In that last year my body yelled at me several times and I was not listening. I had weight gain, had blockages in the nose and throat, had breathing problems and sleep.

Until I decided to listen to him and I got ready and I promised to take care of him in several areas!

I began to take great care of my sanctuary: 

1. Emotional - I identified where the emotional pain was, I welcomed and allowed myself to cross the pain 

2. Mental - I have used and I am using assertion techniques and mental commands (I will leave an example here for you from Louise Hay)

3. Physical - I changed my food and allowed myself to taste the food and only put in my body healthy, light, natural foods. It includes water in my routine. I made a plan where I have 1 hour of physical activity every day, for example, walking, gym, running, swimming, playing squash ... every day something different. Before bed, I prepared a ritual of physical and energetic cleansing.

4. Spiritual - I meditate all morning for 6 minutes, feeling the connection between heaven and earth and that connection is possible through my body.

This has made all the difference for me !!! And sure enough, my body stopped screaming and we were in harmony !!!

Here some exercises for you:



Physical activity




Observe in those areas what you do and do not like - and see what you need to transform or eliminate

Watch what you do and like and enhance!

Watch what you do not do and like and do better, include this

Observe what you do not do and do not like and either eliminate or re-signify

Here is Louise Hay's phrase for daily mentoring:

"In the Infinity of life where I am, everything is perfect, full and complete." I accept health as the natural state of my being.I now consciously free myself from any mental pattern within me that could express as disease in any way. and I approve.I love and approve my body.I feed it with nutritious food and drink.I exercise it in fun ways.I recognize my body as a wonderful machine and I consider it a privilege to live within it.All is well in my world. "

Here some information about the ASCENDENT SIGNS:

ARIES - Path of Courage

Be brave but with diplomacy

You need to lead, be creative

Attention with haste and anxiety

Take care with your head

TAURUS - Path of Safety

Through patience transform desires into possibilities

You need to sow, be structured, have security

Attention to stubbornness and attachment to the known

Care for love of the throat and neck

GEMINI - Path of Knowledge

Share with others

Need to know, communicate, explore and express yourself

Attention with the dispersion and the excess of thoughts

Take care with love of the respiratory system, lungs, arms, hands

CANCER - Path of Sensitivity

Work sensibility, values ​​of family and country, being realistic. Need to feel, nurture, care

Attention with emotional excesses, see emotions as allies

Take care of your breasts, chest, stomach

LEO - Path of Personal Power

Work your creativity, leadership and make your mark on the world

Needs brilliance, recognition and dynamism

Attention with dramatization and egocentrism

Take care of your heart and your back

VIRGO - Path of Serve

Find purpose in your actions, do something good for others

Needs organization, order and information

Attention with autocritica and the excess of details

Care for the gut

LIBRA - Path of Empathy

Position yourself with balance

Needs harmonious environments, changes in balance

Attention with wanting to please others too much

Take care with love of kidneys, abdomen, pancreas, umbilical region

SCORPIO - Path of Transformation

Channeling your strength productively, seeking self-knowledge and spirituality

Needs contact with nature and use of your intuition

Attention with attachment to harmful emotions

Take care with love of the genitals

SAGITTARIUS - Path of Exploration

Use freedom and expansion, growth and ideals

Needs enthusiasm and dynamism

Attention with the lack of feet on the ground and the excess of optimism

Pamper with hips, thighs

CAPRICORN - Path of Construction 

Seek your place in the world through deep observation and caution

It needs practicality and to overcome its limits through the difficulties

Attention with the rigidity and fear of going ahead

Caring for joints, bones and knees

AQUARIUS - Path of Freedom

Participate in groups without forgetting personal interests.

Needs contact with people and new ideas

Attention with anxiety and stubbornness in your ideas

Nervously care for nerves, ankles, shins

PISCES - Path of Compassion

Meditate and find your inner balance

You need to express your intuitive sensitivity by helping others

Attention with forgetting your own needs and emotions

Take care with your feet