What area of ​​your life do you live illusions?


What subject of your life can you be living illusions, deceptions or victimizations? Neptune is the ruler of the great ocean of the collective unconscious. He entangles us in his net and makes us victims and we get lost on the way.

Sinking into a deep sleep or into vices and denials, we need to learn not to create expectations and develop faith and confidence in a higher power and intuition. And thus we arrive at inner truth, universal and unconditional love.

Many times we have been in situations where we seem trapped where everything seems happy, there is nothing to worry about in the outside world, we try to leave, but it is very pleasurable, so there is no reason for it or at least our gains are greater. But as the nature of our body does not allow us to be in such a state forever, we wake up an hour, we realize where we are, we look at the clock and hours and hours have passed or maybe years without us even noticing.

The sign and the house where Neptune is located can mark the areas of life where we will tend to live these illusions.

In these areas we can live situations of coincidences, synchronies that help reveal or hide information, propitiate or sabotage encounters, facts. We may experience deception, projection, confusion, the role of victim and loss. Therefore they must be treated with a lot of sensitivity and attention, amplitude and amorousness, because it is this same area that can lead us to connect with something deeper, like the dissolution of the ego, leaving only ourselves.

We are invited to channel our sensitivity with mastery and to be willing to deal with the unknown and the unmeasurable.

The role of Neptune is to connect us with the unconscious, the invisible, and the subliminal channels of communication of the heart, soul, and circumstances. In order to live the excellence of love, art or inspiration. Addressing us to compassion and universal love.

How about connecting with your Neptunian energy and listening more to your intuition for clarity and getting out of the networks of illusions?

Meditation is one of the tools that can help us or the Practice of Silence.

I invite you to practice silence today and at the end of the day feel, and notice the connection created.

How about looking at these challenges? Or understand in the predictions what issues need to be dissolved?