What makes you happy?


Happiness is the point of harmony and balance between who we are, how we feel and how we relate! The Part of Fortune in Astrology, whose graphic symbol is the symbol of the planet Earth: the cross of matter within the circle, is a personal and intimate point because it is the synthesis of the 3 most important and personalized symbols in the astrological chart: Ascending, Sun and Moon.

It means a point of joy and happiness. It is the symbol of man's prosperity, aspirations and ideals.

All of us, we have somewhere a pot of gold. And we arrive at it when we find the inner harmony next to the outer harmony.

In astrological language, this pot of gold is known as the Part of Fortune. It is through the expression of this point that we feel more at ease and perceive our own niche in life.

Fortune is also the point through which we feel rooted in the center of our own being.

Our joy and happiness, our ideal, can be symbolized by the house where it is situated. This house reveals where the life force is, where this force is received and used, what life circumstances and experiences can bring well-being and where we project with ease. It is in this place that we must commit ourselves to our ideals

Fortune indicates a point where we find personal fulfillment if we invest in the subject of that house and sign in which it is. It is the point of balance between our Consciousness, our Emotions and how we express ourselves in the World. If we go to that subject we will find a great achievement!

Do you know what this subject is in your life? Do you know how to deal with it? How about scheduling a meeting to talk about it?

Here are some exercises for you:


Write down on a small piece of paper and put in the bottle at the end of each day every moment that was true to you and felt joy or happiness. Write down your achievements and reread at the end of the month.


Every night before bed answer:

1. Why was it worth today?

2. If you could go back in time and change something that happened today what would you change?

3. Describe from 1 to 3 actions that you will perform on the day of tomorrow outside the usual



The challenge is to send a picture of what makes you happy every day.

It could be anything, such as a date with a friend, or a very tasty cake at the corner pastry shop, the feeling of coming home after a complicated day, or a favor you made to a stranger.

The # 100happydays challenge is for you - and for no one else.

It is not a competition of happiness, or a contest of exhibitionism. If you try to please others or make them jealous of images - you lose even before you begin.

People who successfully completed the challenge said that:

- began to notice what makes them happy in their daily lives;

- they felt improvements in the humor every day;

- began to receive more praise from other people;

- realized how lucky they are to have the life they have;

- became more optimistic;

- fell in love during the challenge.


Be Happy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN8xX2uWirc