Individual Sessions

Astrological Birht Chart

Awakening your true essence and purpose 

A close look at yourself in order to become aware of the patterns that block your true self. A journey through your life story to understand your purpose of life.

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Astrological Birth Chart  Review 

Deepening and reconnecting with your purpose and essence 

Review to be aware in a depth way the beliefs inherited from the maternal line (mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, etc.) and the paternal line (father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc.). Beliefs that we absorb from the family system of origin, which we cling unconsciously, in a loyal and resilient way, and thus break the cycle of pain to transform it into strength and blessings. 

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Solar Revolution, Transits and Astrological Forecasts

Mapping your achievements and annual challenges 

Identification of your greatest strengths and annual challenges. Which area of ​​life will have more prominence, how best to explore your potential in the year, what your goals and achievements in your new cycle.

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Life Coaching 

Aligning, Planning and Acting 

Detect the dream, align with the true north. Initiating by the identification of dreams, desires and objectives and analysis of the factors that can contribute or prevent the reach of these. From there, we define a plan of action with deadlines, resources, conditions, strategies and follow-up. Bring clarity so you can overcome that which hinders the realization of dreams and so be ready to take the step! 

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Synastry and Composite Chart

Learning and Connecting with Others

Analysis of the perspectives of interpersonal relationships by comparing each birth chart, in order to identify affinities and the challenges to be worked out so that the relationship strengthens.

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Paths of Awakening Program

 A deep look at yourself 

A program developed for those who seek to know themselves better, who seek to access their pains in order to transform them, to touch their strength to reach their potential. It is a dive in itself, identifying and transforming layers that we bring and that lead us to repeat negative situations in our lives. To experience the reality of not only BEING but ACTING, performing, doing. 

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