What subject of your life can you be living illusions, deceptions or victimizations? Neptune is the ruler of the great ocean of the collective unconscious. He entangles us in his net and makes us victims and we get lost on the way.

Happiness is the point of harmony and balance between who we are, how we feel and how we relate! The Part of Fortune in Astrology, whose graphic symbol is the symbol of the planet Earth: the cross of matter within the circle, is a personal and intimate point because it is the synthesis of the 3 most important and personalized...

How do you see your body? How do you take care of him? The physical body is our temple, it is the sanctuary that keeps our soul. It is our business card, our filter, how we see the exterior and how we express who we are.

Equinox and sunrise in the sign of Aries marking the opening of a new cycle coming full of opportunities, expansion of consciousness and inner healing! As regent of the cycle over 36 years, we have Saturn in Capricorn looking at us, questioning us: what do you need to commit to? Are you in your purpose?

In the last three weeks, working on the Way of Awakening Online course, I came across my own personal challenges again. What made me think about how long we are in processes ... one after the other ... taking layers and layers ...

How open are you to receive? To what extent do your blockades make you discredit all the constructive possibilities you ARE? Whether at work, how do you deal with your body, with sexuality or in the way of loving and thinking? To what extent do your blocks, block you from your personal power?

The Full Moon in Leo, which takes place on January 31, is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse and is also a Super Moon and a Blue Moon.

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