About me

What we call healing is a state of understanding why.

Sri Prem Baba

My journey began with the philosophy of Reiki, a philosophy of love and healing. Until the Universe led me to a great love: Astrology. Other philosophies, techniques and tools emerged, made and are part of my history, among them Coaching that helped me to bring to reality everything that brought to consciousness and could not put into practice.

Today I use these tools that were fundamental in my process and life journey in my work.

I believe we all have incredible potential and we are often unaware of it! We have come to learn to look back to our divine, unlimited essence, to that potential, to the love that we are!

Touch our gifts, heal us and share in our relationships! This is my path, which I share here with you!

Thank you for being with me!

Astrologer by Gaia School of Astrology, Astro Brasil. Master of Reiki from the Dublin Holistic Center Reiki in Ireland. Coach with IBC certification by the European Coaching Association and Global Community. Training in Behavioral Analysis Assessment and LEC Life, Executive and Career Coaching by RR Coaching. Training in Family Dynamics and Systemic Family Constellation.


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