Solar Revolution, Transits and Astrological Forecasts 

Identification of their greatest strengths and annual challenges.  Which area of ​​life will have more prominence, how best to exploit your potential in the year, what your goals and achievements in your new cycle. 

What is it? 

The Solar Revolution analyzes the period between one anniversary and another. When the Sun returns to the same position it was at the time of your birth. 

In it, we identify your greatest strengths and annual challenges. Which area of ​​life will be more prominent, how best to explore your potential in the year, which features will be stronger. 

With a Coaching Differential let's plan your Year aligning your goals and desires with the facilities and challenges of the Astrological Year. 

How is done?

Through Systemic Astrology (a vision that adds the concept of Family Constellations, Bert Hellinger) and the information of date, time and city of birth, the reading.

This interpretation will indicate new possibilities that are calculated from the moment when the Sun in the sky returns to the exact degree of the moment of your birth. This planetary configuration will show new conditions and trends that will influence you throughout the year. 

The reading includes a coaching exercise to plan and structure the necessary steps to achieve your goals and desires aligned to the best moments. 

For a better understanding of your year, the yearly forecast should be performed by combining different techniques such as, progressions and transits. 

The Transits serve as a guide to guide your decisions. It is a comparison of the Birth Chart with the position of the planets every day or year. And it allows a clearer vision of the behaviors and situations that we can experience in several moments of the life. 

At the meeting you will read the diagnosis of the current moment to study specifically the questions you want to address or what you want to achieve throughout the year. 

You will receive a download link of the conversation audio that will be recorded so that you can listen again when you wish. 

Why you should do it?

If you feel it is time to take steps to accomplish your goals, aligned to your values, in an effective and light. 

Practical information 

Location: Video Call

Duration: 1 hour 

Price: 60 euros

Payment: Bank Transfer

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