Excess weight x Feminine energy?


I always read that being overweight was related to the female or mother energy, with the need to protect ourselves from something. But the truth is that I never really understood that.

In this year of 2017, of much turbulence, I saw myself gaining almost 9 kilos in a few months. And whatever I set out to do to eliminate them, it did not work!

As everything comes to us at the right time, a dear person sent me a text about our wounded child being our mind! Made a lot of sense!

And then a few weeks later I came across an incredible text by unknown author, it made even more sense as if closing a puzzle!

He said that when we are "hurt" in childhood, emotionally, our wounded child becomes our Ego.

Every time we begin to use our energy in a distorted way, giving beyond what we should, going beyond our limits, ignoring our needs, disrespecting our rights, our wounded Ego / Child begins through our body storing energy for our own survival, which in the text they call "pregnancy or gestation."

Why gestation? Because when the woman is pregnant, she puts her energy to give birth to a new being, so naturally the body begins to store food necessary to maintain both mother and child.

So when we somehow begin to act as if we were the "mother" of the other or the situation, giving all we have, our body understands that we enter the "gestational mode" that we need to store fat for our own survival. It was there that I finally understood the relationship with "protection".

When we identify what boundaries we are crossing, what rights we are not respecting, what our needs, we are not seeing, is that our body automatically returns and our metabolism stabilizes.

When we feel disgust or anger or sadness as we look at our body, our Ego or Injured Child automatically wants to change that feeling, either "correct" this problem and an immediate relief action and makes us act to have some kind of instant pleasure, for example ... and so begins the vicious cycle.

Until we stop and identify where we are putting our energy in a distorted way ... where we are giving too much, as "mothers", where we want to please, to be loved, to be accepted.

Today I invite you to make peace with your body! To love his body, his story, to stop for an instant of crossing his limits of respect and self-love. To give in balance!

Feel at first with your heart, and TRUST your soul and your child know what is best for you. ALLOW that this situation to belong, to exist, without fighting against it. ACCEPT that there is a value in this situation: protection. BE LOVING WITH YOURSELF!

From that point on, establish agreements, that from now on, YOU commit yourself not to disrespect yourself, to meet your needs and not to cross your limits!

I hope it can bring you insights, it worked for me, so I share with you!