How is your financial life?


In May we will have a major movement going on!

Uranus ending a cycle of 7 years in the sign of Aries and initiating a new cycle in the sign of Taurus

Uranus has a collective and individual meaning. The collective meaning is to represent changes, new ways of facing the themes of the sign in which it is. It also has influence under the behavior of a generation, indicating what that generation will tend to modify and revolutionize

Uranus in Taurus will bring the need to find a new vision of the use of material resources, and the man - nature relationship.

Uranus si is about innovations, technological advances, rupture with the old, focus on the future, the quest to be ahead of its reality, the escape of routine, improvisation, out of the norm, breaking rules, among several other meanings.

When Uranus is in Taurus, it will bring great stimuli towards innovations, advances, and discoveries on a material level.

It can bring to light all that we value, to the forms of security, stability, possessions, pleasures, a new vision, a need for change, a material revolution.

It will be an important time to unlock standards and open ourselves to receive what we deserve! Because wherever Uranus passes, changes, changes, alters, modifies, innovates, evolves, brings chaos to a new order. When he finds the atmospheres of Taurus, it will revolutionize the whole scenario related to the material and physical issues of the sign.

We will have to learn to renew in relation to money and finances, and from there, a new way of dealing with money can emerge.

We may have a new way of relating to our material resources and possessions, this is also related to our physical body and our direct relationship with the Earth.

We can learn to live a greener, sustainable life by learning to spend less and recycle more.

Taurus rules the 5 senses, and Uranus governs our subtlest senses. We may have an increase in our extra-sensory perception, making the veil between our physical bodies and spiritual bodies thinner and with greater flow of information from one to another.

Before the entrance of 2018, I invite you to reflect on your financial life, your values, your assets. About this energy so powerful.

Stop for a moment. Reflect on your beliefs about money and the outcome of your work.

Many of us, instead of looking at MEAN, look at money as if it were the OBSTACLE for our achievements, our well-being. Money provides growth, possibilities, security and freedom. It sustains us. He serves life.

So how can we look at the money and see its real energy?

We usually say, "I can not, I have no money." Lack of money is a limiter. But perhaps there is a dynamic acting in a hidden way in this argument. Why is it so challenging to have money to serve our plans?

Having money is a responsibility. From the moment you have it, it is up to you to move your life, take responsibility for your walk in your hand. You have to make your decisions.

Money can be related to growing, having the maturity to thrive. There is also the movement to accept wealth when others in our system could not.

What do you think of preparing your year, looking at your family history, your standards, your challenges in this area and if you have not yet organized financially, organize and close a plan, so that before the entrance of Uranus you find your truth, do the peace with the energy that serves life?