Important moments coming!


The Full Moon in Leo, which takes place on January 31, is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse and is also a Super Moon and a Blue Moon.

Many emotions and feelings will surface! When the Moon is Full it concentrates the maximum energy that influences life on Earth.

"Blue Moon" is so called because it is the second Full Moon that happens in the same month. Because it is a relatively rare phenomenon (the complete lunar cycle takes 28 days and as such, it is rare that there are two Full Moons in the same month), this event was called Blue Moon, which has nothing to do with color in itself, but derives from the English expression "once in a blue moon", which designates a rare event.

The Super Moon phenomenon occurs approximately three times each year, referring to the times when the Moon is closer to Earth due to its motion, which makes it appear larger. Your energy is also more powerful.

Leo is the sign of the Creation of Life in the Zodiac, the "Son of the Sun," the natural leader, the one who came to the World to shine, to represent the divine creation. Lion is courage, it is love and emotion. The organ of the body associated with this sign is the heart, the pump that keeps us alive.

Therefore, everything in this Full Moon will be strong and intense, even more so that it will also come accompanied by a lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses bring up issues that need to be looked at, experienced, and locked up. They often represent turning points in our lives. They awaken changes and illuminate areas of our lives that need more attention.

2017 was a year of great transformation and since the second half of last year there may have been a change in your life since we had the important Solar Eclipse in Leo in August 2017!

This January Lunar Eclipse will not only help us end a cycle that began in the last months of last year as it will also open and activate a new energy portal.

The Moon represents our emotions and shows how we feel secure. During an Eclipse, our sense of security is triggered, which gives us the opportunity to look into ourselves and face our fears, hopes, dreams and truths.

For 36 years, a Super Moon has not happened, being Blue Moon next to an Eclipse! And for hundreds of years this same event does not occur in the Lion sign! So, important moment for a great start of cycle, transforming what needs to be transformed!

Look at what needs to go away, what you need to close, listen to your heart. Although Leo takes action, clarify matters within himself, deal with feelings that were hidden and locked in the closet. Old wounds can come to the surface, to be resignified, find the meaning of the situations that lived up to here. Touch the leonine energy that exists in you of self-confidence, love, generosity, joy and leadership, listen to your heart to choose your path.

This Eclipse will help you find your inner strength so you can feel secure about who you are and what you have come to do, your purpose!

It is the moment to express our truth, to be who we are and to go after our dreams.

I invite you to allow the energy of this Lunar Eclipse Super Moon to enter your life and accept the changes and inspirations it brings you, to allow yourself to express who you truly are in a more confident, safer, more loving way , that you lean more, like Lion!

Connect with your heart chakra right now and listen to the voice of your intuition, it is your guide, your wisdom.

Be gentle with yourself and pay attention to what comes into your life!

And remember Everything is perfect just as it is!