January 6 - Astrologer's Day! How about knowing Systemic Astrology?


The word Wise is associated with Wisdom and Knowledge. They studied the stars and the planets and interpreted the meaning behind cosmic events. What would be the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, an infrequent occurrence, was what led them to inquire in the writings about its possible meaning. And what they found was the prophecies about the birth of a new King of Humanity.

January 6 / Day of the Magi / Day of the Astrologer

The Star of Bethlehem was probably not a star but a phenomenon related to more than one event. For this series of events is something known as triple conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn - with the two planets appearing next in the sky three times in a short period. "This happens when you have an alignment between the Sun, the Earth, Jupiter and Saturn." And once the planets line up in their orbits, the Earth "surpasses" the others, which means that Jupiter and Saturn would then seem to change direction in the night sky. What is even more significant is that the event would have occurred in the constellation Pisces, which represents one of the signs of the zodiac. "You would only have a triple conjunction like this every 900 years."

Jupiter, Mars and Saturn aligned in the Pisces sign mark the beginning of the Age of Pisces, the Christian era, marked by the birth of Jesus and the position of the vernal point, the line of the Equinox, entering the constellation of Pisces.

This day dedicated to the Wisei is also known as the Day of the Astrologer !!!

The Astrologer is an interpreter in love with the symbolic language of the stars, passionate about knowledge, the Universe and humanity.

We are all connected in a certain way and the Universe at the moment of our birth brings there all our baggage and potential in a symbolic format.

The Christmas Map or Christmas Chart or Astral Map is the design or configuration of the planets in the sky at the exact time and place of your birth. Mark what we came here and where we came from.

The birth chart reading in the Systemic line of Astrology aims to identify the real and deepest causes of conflicts and disharmonies between us and what we want to conquer. Reveal the tangles that exist in our paternal and maternal family history and how these tangles sabotage our efforts, creating difficulties and blockages in various areas of our lives, affecting love, health, money, relationships. Carlos Harmitt

In reading we will welcome your story and seek balance through visualization exercises, so that we can realign your energies with your potential map, life!

The Systemic Christmas Map brings light, awareness and new possibilities!

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