Jupiter - The Regent of 2018


2018 will be a year ruled by Jupiter! Did you know that a different planet rules us for 36 years? But there is also the cycle that changes from year to year.  2017 was the entrance of Saturn for the next 36 years, but for the cycle that changes annually, in 2018 we will have Jupiter. This period tends to be full of opportunities and achievements. It's the year of project expansion! Excellent for educational, intellectual, self-knowledge.

A year that can attract a lot of prosperity to those who were committed to their Saturn in 2017 because if Saturn's lesson was learned Jupiter brings the rewards.

It will be an important moment to reflect: What Beliefs create your reality? How do you relate to society?

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system! The Great Benefit of Astrology!

He symbolizes the solar consciousness that expands through social relationships! The principles, customs, ethics, knowledge, beliefs! The need for order, morality, justice and knowledge. The impetus of expansion for spiritual evolution. The need to break boundaries and reach new horizons!

Jupiter on the Map represents our process of human expansion. The sign will tell you in what way and the house the areas of life where this will manifest!

In 2018 will bring opportunities to travel, learn new languages, do business or have experiences with foreign countries, expand our limits and horizons. Jupiter's challenging side is excesses. Therefore, attention to overeating, overwork and stress, because the tendency will be to want to do everything "a lot".

And remembering that Saturn continues to govern the larger cycle for 36 years, then, along with Jupiter's expansion and growth movement, we must always exercise commitment, responsibility, practical sense, and the notion of boundaries.

What do you think we have prepared your year, if you have not already planted, organize and plan so that from the new astrological year (March 2018) you can also reap the rewards and benefit from all this expansion that is to come?