Recognizing our origins and moving toward our life purpose


Honor our past and family history so that we can achieve the much-desired success! Have you ever heard of the MC and IC on the Astrological Birth Chart?

Points of extreme importance in a Map indicate everything we should look, honor and reverence of our family history and ancestry and where we can reach.

The IC represents Nadir, that is, the precise place where the Sun stood at midnight on the day of our birth. It represents where our feet are, where our roots lie, the source where the beginning and the end of our life are inscribed. It is the basis of existence. It shows our home of origin, our parents, and the home we are going to form. Here we see ancestry, psychological roots, and private life.

MC is the precise point where our head is located, the highest point of our body. Astrologically it is the exact point where the Sun is in its Zenith; that is, the point where the sun was at noon on the date of our birth. It is, therefore, the culmination of a Map. It shows our profession, reputation, position in the community. It indicates our status, fame, social and business activities. Here we see our accomplishments and how the world evaluates us. It indicates the influence we have on our environment, our gifts, our talents and our vocation. But the most important information that MC gives us is about our purpose in life: how far do we want to go?

Both are symbols of our social destiny! We can see how a person, fulfilling his social destiny, acquires a certain moral and material independence (MC) from the natural and familiar context in which he grew and evolved (IC).

Through them we can get to know ourselves better and thus honor our ancestry and occupy our own place, so that we can with balance and tranquility follow the path we choose!

Want to see my example? I have the IC in Virgo and the MC in Pisces. This indicates that I need organized environments to feel secure. I sought to be recognized for my sensitivity, spirituality, creativity and love for others. My vocation is related to helping others with intuition and love. Of course, the inside planets inside these homes will profoundly influence those themes!

What do you think of analyzing these points together on your map and when they are being triggered?

Here are some questions for you connecting with them:


1) Do a survey with your family members and gradually identify your family history and system. Thank mentally to be a part of it. Notice your relationship with your mother.

2) How do you relate to your home? What is Home for you?


1) Identify 3 talents that you have and specify 3 goals to use them.

2) Observe your relationship with your father and with people who represent authorities.

3) Notice the various roles it occupies in life.

Are you a daughter/son to your parents?

Are you a girlfriend/boyfriend for your partner?

Are you brother/sister for your siblings?

What needs to be adjusted?