Self-worth and self-responsibility


How open are you to receive? To what extent do your blockades make you discredit all the constructive possibilities you ARE? Whether at work, how do you deal with your body, with sexuality or in the way of loving and thinking? To what extent do your blocks, block you from your personal power?

Eclipse of January 31 in Leo brought us the challenge of triggering in us, our creative force, our self-confidence, our ability to value ourselves. A new cycle where we are invited to respect who we are in our relationships, and how we show ourselves to the world.

On February 15 we will have a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius, inviting us to reflect on our own reality. About our self-responsibility. Time to take the reins of our story and face the truth. Bring the understanding that we are exactly where we stand.

So, in this period of so many outgoing emotions, I invite you to feel the love that you ARE! Love and Gratitude are the healing forces!

"Love should be like breathing. It must be exactly like your quality - wherever you are, or even if you are alone, love continues to overflow you. It is not a matter of loving someone - it is a matter of BEING love. "

Pay close attention to victimized behavior in the coming days. Victimization happens when we put ourselves in situations where we give the other the power to create our story. When instead of looking at ourselves, we seek guilty for what happens to us.

It's time to get out of the victim's place and take ownership of your self-responsibility strength!

It's time to look and value yourself!

So what do you think of looking in the mirror, take the first step and value yourself! You are a perfect being with all your imperfections, it is they that make you special, incredible and to be who you are, UNIQUE, beautiful inside and out!

Learn to enjoy yourself, to breathe, to dance, to sing, to talk with charm! Let the beauty, the love, the self-esteem, the appreciation manifest in you! We are instruments of the Divine that inhabits us! Allow yourself to be such a wonderful instrument!

Take the reins of your story! Be the author and protagonist!

Everything we do, whether consciously or not, is what creates our history.

If something is not right, stop, breathe and feel what you need in balance, what you need to be valued, loved, felt.

Let's do it together?