What is your karma?


Are there any areas of your life where you feel stuck?

Today I came to share with you my experience with my Karma & Dharma! For a long time I wondered why my love life were so difficult, even though they are completely different men there was a pattern going on. But what was in common between them? Yes, just me!

What did I do in an unconscious way that put me in that place in those relationships? Love life, the area of ​​my life filled with challenges, the theme where I felt stagnant, trapped ... My Karma is connected to my father's lineage and my difficulty in sealing compromises generated by an unconscious fear. Yes, I was very afraid without knowing that I had this fear! And I created situations or put myself in places in the relationship so that the commitment did not happen ... but I wanted so much to change it! The great challenge in this life would be to commit myself to my feelings, to be in tune with my soul. Get out of the dispersion and loneliness to commit myself and share.

But not everything is weight ... the positive baggage of this karma is hope and joy, it is the flexibility, the ability to believe in new ways and alternatives. It is to have within it the lightness and humor.

​The Karma & Dharma is an exercise in life, it is to be attentive to the patterns we repeat for the love of ancestry, it is a constant training to use our baggage in the positive and to move to the other point in balance.

I have learned every day to commit myself to what I feel and to express myself, to put myself and to be open to love.

And about you? Do you have any areas of your life where you feel trapped?

In our Astrological Map the Lunar Nodes (Karma and Dharma) represent a symbolic path of individual and spiritual development for evolutionary progress in the world. They involve karmic ties with the past and what we must do to evolve spiritually. They are not planets, they are not stars, they are not something "physical".

Nodes are points in space where the Moon's orbit around the Earth crosses the ecliptic: the apparent trajectory of the Sun around the Earth. The goal is not to leave one and enter the other nor go to the North Node from time to time.

The goal is to balance the two, use the wisdom and security of the South to reach out and conquer the North! The Signs where the Nodes are found show the qualities with which this process is made and the Houses the subject of life where this happens. To be aware is to have choice and to be able to make changes!

Some tips:


- Make a list of at least 3 situations in your life where you went through difficult, painful, complicated or challenging situations

- Now, place in the side of each situation everything that you can thank that you have conquered or transformed after surpassing situations in your life until today.


- What situations recur in your life that you would like to change?

- How can you change that?

- Think of someone who admires, if this person were in his place, how would she change?

- How can you act differently?

- Who is responsible for your success or failure?

- How long do you still want these situations to last in your life?

- Why do situations recur?

Reflect, bring awareness & transform!